locked Re: Model Rocket Launch just mentioned on WNIR!

Eric Hudnell

I would suggest if Mr. Golic does come we just let him be a Dad. I'm sure he needs a break like the rest of us and model rockets create a perfect quick getaway as far as I'm concerned. 
Make sense?

Eric Hudnell 

On Jun 12, 2014, at 9:24 AM, "Carl Piporo piporo@... [MTMA]" <MTMA@...> wrote:


I met Bob some years ago when he came back to Cleveland.I invited him to join my friends and I on some of our bicycle rides.He said he wanted to join us but his bike was in storage back in California.We never did get him to join us but he's a great guy to talk to.I'm glad he's getting his son into rocketry.I know he lives near our summer field,very cool having a Cleveland Brown and ALL PRO with our club.Hope to bring my grandson out Saturday as it's his second birthday.

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