locked Re: MTMA Meeting Minutes Uploaded

Mark Recktenwald


Thank you so much for your generous offer, but... we already have a pad that looks EXACTLY like that... which we never use. It is very cumbersome to use because of the Allen key bolts.

We have two other pads of similar size that easily break down into two pieces for storage AND that use bolts with giant knobs that one can turn by hand.

The club also owns a 1010 rail and a 1515 rail along with a variety of sizes of stainless rods.

Thank you so much for thinking about us and for offering this equipment to us. If you find a better way to store yours, let me know so I can save some room in my garage :)



On Mon, 3/3/14, Alan Tuskes <spfx1@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

First of all, I would like to volunteer a high power
pad I bought up a high
power pad I bought up about a year and a half ago from
somebody ago. It’s a
Magnum pad that somebody had, which belonged to a guy who
moved away, and his
housemate was left with, and it just took up space it the
garage, and he needed
to clear it out. This is pictured here:
The pad needs some TLC. It weighs about 80 pounds, and
I bought a 6 foot
piece of 8020 rail to fit to it, but haven’t had the
chance to make an adapter
for it. I will happily offer this up to MTMA if you think it
would make life
easier for the high power fliers. I will drag it back down
to the shop and work
on it to make it more appealing for MTMA, if it will help
the cause.

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