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jack koslen

I see the new motors and the great deals on kits but at this time I feel as if I will never get to build a rocket again!!  I have a new business that is taking 60-80 hours a week of my time until I make a good hire!!  I know this is not the place for this but I have tried many other many other places such as Monster, Plain Dealer, even Craig's list....we clean up from water damage after floods and fires, ( frozen pipes as of late!) I need a guy or girls, $12-$15 per hour ....we extract water, remove carpet, remove drywall, and mostly set up fans and dehumidifiers........if anyone has any referrals please send them my way!!  I have kits screaming for paint and glue!!
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On Feb 16, 2014, at 8:05 PM, jseibyl@... wrote:

Leviathans are sold out but i did get a D range tomahawk for 8 bucks and a few other small ones. You know you got a good deal when the shipping is more than the rocket!

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