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Jim Seibyl

thanks for the shout!! nice slides show!

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Hello Everybody-
Happy new year to you all. I hope you are all safe and well rested from the Holiday. So, it has been awhile since I made another “slide show.....thing” A friend of mine passed on some video clips and photos from his phone from the last NOTRA launch, so I thought it would be fun to throw this together.
Funny thing.....his photos from his PHONE are better than what I get from my CAMERA!! HA HA. Anyways thanks also go to Steve and Cheryl Denninger. They came out to watch the launch and took all the photos..THANK YOU!  As always, play in full screen and turn up the sound. Also make sure video quality is set to at least 360p. The link is below!! I hope you enjoy it!
p.s. Chris....please forward this to the NOTRA email list. Thanks
Andrew Kleinhenz.

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