locked Can the club use this/these?


I know I haven't been to any meetings of launches in some time (years) but since I am, once again, local to MTMA, and since we are the host for NARAM this summer, I thought I would offer these to you first.

This fall our church had a "clean up day." Among the things destined for the dumpster were several old-style 8ft. folding tables. By "old-style" I mean constructed of wood and steel, built to last forever, the way they used to do it, and not the newer plastic ones. These are rugged and near indestructible (though one was labelled as having something wrong with it, but I couldn't find the flaw) but they are HEAVY.

Does MTMA have storage space to house them? If you need/want them I can give them to you. We already have two such tables and really don't need any more. I rescued these because I couldn't stand to see good tables tossed in the trash.

Feel free to discuss it at tomorrow's meeting. My boys and I will be unable to attend as we have an appointment in Cleveland in the morning.

If you cannot use them or just don't want them, you won't hurt my feelings and I will ask Skybusters if they want them, etc. I just thought I would offer them to MTMA first.


John Partridge

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