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Were you at the Walsh mudfest? Our son and daughter run for Perry HS so we were there for the day (and took lots of pictures). Maybe we'll run into each other sometime this season.


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Sounds like it was a great time! I wish my girls and I could have been there, but a big Cross Country Invitational left them wiped out. Not only do I have two middle school aged girls that like to play with rockets, but they have a mean competitive racing drive too!

I have my 2.16" Loc Tomahawk ready for its first dual deploy flight. I'm not sure if I'm more nervous or excited about it! Can't wait until I can make it to another meet.


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Night Launch Thoughts from a newbie (first night launch ever attended):
Attendance was low but enjoyment was HIGH!
Mark brought two crazy lighted saucer designs that were awesome. The first one landed with a thud that could be heard from the parking lot - no damage. But his last launch of a small rocket, with 1 simple glow stick in the payload bay, was unbelievable. I have never seen a rocket scream off the launch pad like that, day or night! Whoa! Mark, please bring that one back for a day launch. Nate and I have to see that during the day once too.
Cornelius (sp?) had a number of great launches too. The lighted red nosecone and blinking LEDs were a great effect.
Nate and I brought a friend with us, Rob, who had a Mean Machine. Great non-lighted launch during daylight. Hey, we thought, wouldn't it be cool to tape some glow sticks on it and see how it goes?! Well, we got the test launch in as daylight was fading and approx. 15 seconds later we had ourselves a lawn dart. Rob now has a Mean Machine Jr. measuring about 5' on it's next launch I predict...
Nate and I brought a newly built Estes Venus Probe modified for C11/D engines. I launched it with a C11-3 and the engine was perfect for the first flight. Thank goodness - I put way too much time into that thing for a bad first flight. I was relieved, beautiful flight!
We also brought a brand new Big Sharkey with approx. 36 red LED's mounted to the body. First launch (day) on a B6-4 was ugly but successful. Second launch (day) on a C6-5 was even more ugly and almost joined Rob's Mean Machine as a lawn dart. Third launch (dusk)on a C6-3 - BINGO! Launched three more times at night and the flights got better and better. Again, very pleased after all the time and thought put into a lighted rocket.
OK, final thought. I would like to thank Mark for the great way he handles these launches. Last night, not many were in attendance but Mark handled it like it was packed with people. Nate and I drive about 1 hour for MTMA launch days but we don't mind because of the great time we have due to Mark and the other people that help make a great day.

Eric and Nate Hudnell

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The grass is wet, but there is no standing water, so we are GO for launch tonight, Saturday, September 8, 2012, starting at 5:00 pm at the Harmon Flying Field in Aurora, Ohio. We will have a couple hours of daytime launching before holding the mandatory Night Launch Safety meeting at 7:00 pm.

See the following pages for important night launch information:

Directions to and important information for the Harmon Flying Field

Mark Recktenwald
MTMA President

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