locked Good News/Bad News


Though many of you (perhaps even most of you) don't know me, I've been a part of this email group for quite a few years. Almost as soon as we started into rocketry we've been too far away from the club to attend with any frequency but I do read many of your postings here and keep up with what is going on.

The bad news for our family is that we had to move this year (again) so everything rocketey is packed as well as all our tools, work benches, etc. It will be a while until things begin to resemble "normal" again.

The good news is that this time instead of moving farther away (our last move took us closer to Wheeling, WV than any other major city), we've moved to Perry Heights between Massillon and Canton. Attendance at launches may now be quite do-able so, hopefully, you will be seeing more of us soon.


John Partridge

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