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mleffler@... writes:

I did hear a rumor
that Tod is considering canceling the camp.

Only the outdoor functions is what I heard...

Mark, I remember the demo you and Tod did last year....and the Ms Riley
story, well, cool.  Is this in multiple communities or are they holding the
camp just in Hudson this year.  I believe the location said either East Woods
School or at the Middle School--doesn't matter, either school would use the
same field/campus area.  This is where Eric, Adam and I go when we want to
burn some BP.  Lost the BAR rocket in a tree there.  This is at Lavelli Field
(outside the stadium actually).

Mark, I guess, as advisor, you can take the lead (yes, I'm lazy).  I would
make a suggestion that ANY demo we do as a club that we keep the impulse at G
or less.  I would hate to have a repeat of some of the incidents from launch
last April while we have an non-rocketry audience.  What type of rockets do
they build?  Do they need any equipment?


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