locked Re: MTMA Outreach Possibility


Rocket Camp is being presented by Partnership for America's Future,
Inc. It will be held July 16-20, 2001 at Eastwoods Elementary School
in Hudson, Ohio. Sponsors include American Fireworks Company.
Educators include Mrs. Patricia J. Schnellinger (my sister).

They have a web page for the camp at:

On that page there are pictures from last year's Rocket Camp at the
Tallmadge Middle School. Several MTMA members are pictured:

Kevin Leffler (Mike's son) in left side of upper left picture.
Adam Recktenwald (my oldest son) and Kevin Leffler kneeling in right
side of front row of lower left picture.
Me with CR4 in lower right picture.

At last year's Rocket Camp, I gave a short lunch time "Show-and-Tell"
talk on model rockets and large model rockets, and then flew CR4 (on
an F62-4) and several other A- to D-motor rockets out back on their
baseball diamond (yes, I notified the FAA, KSU Airport, and Akron
Fulton Airport).

I have been approached by my sister about doing a similar LMR demo at
this year's camp, but thought I would hold out for free registration
for my two boys if I did it. The registration fee last year was $100
and I got $10 off each because of my demo. This year's fee is $150!

If you would like, I could start talking to Ms. Gay Evans of
Partnership for America's Future. She is who I first contacted last

Partnership for America's Future, Inc.
c/o Leila "Gay" Evans
80 W. Bowery Street / Suite 305
Akron, Ohio 44308
Fax: 330-376-0566

BTW, the teacher who was involved with last year's Rocket Camp (dang,
I forgot her name), had met two of the "Rocket Boys" at the 1999
Induction Ceremony for the National Gallery for America's Young
Inventors. Hearing of the camp, they sent Ms. Riley (the rocket) up
for static display during camp. This is the very same rocket built by
Ky Michaelson and used in the filming of the flight scenes
in "October Sky". After filming, he gave it to one of them (forgot
who, but not Homer). I actually got to hold it, open it up, and got a
picture taken with it (too bad I didn't have any bigger motors!).
Each of the camp groups also got a group picture with Ms. Riley.
Interesting coincidence there: my boys were in different groups, each
group had their picture taken at different times; in each of the
pictures, my sons are seated at the aft end of Ms. Riley and have one
hand on the nozzle.


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