locked MTMA Outreach Possibility

Chuck Straka <castraka@...>

I noticed in the Hudson Community Education and Recreation (HCER)
brochure a new listing for a summer Rocket Camp from July 16-20.

The listing reads as follows:

Rocket Camp is designed for students currently in grades 3 through
7. Campers will design, build and test their own model rockets.
Certified teachers with support from Tracy Jacobs, HMS Science
Educator will also include lessons, hands on activities and projects
on planes, blimps, history of flight, early fireworks, space
exploration, space stations, helicopters, and more. There will be
paper airplane trials, home-made rockets with eggs as cargo designed
to land without breaking, space station simulations, a remote control
plane with aerial photography, and more. ...and it goes on to list
registration information, etc...

Boy, I wish I was 9-13 years old again!

Anyhow, I'm going to try to get in touch with Tracy Jacobs and offer
our (my) help during at least one day of this camp. I'm sure they
could use the rack system and I'd like to push the NAR safety code
especially since fireworks are part of the curriculum. A couple F &
G demo launches, as well as, the flying football (if it will fly-), a
boost glider (part of my NARTREK trek) and maybe our own version of
aerial photography might be nice (a-hem, Mark?).

I know that the Math teacher that is involved with this camp is into
water propelled rockets made out of 2 liter pop bottles (he has an
end-of-year rocket unit doing this which involves much more than just
the rockets themselves). I hope this is NOT what they plan on
using. If so, all the more reason to demo "real" model rockets.

Depending on the outcome of my conversation with Ms. Jacobs, I might
need a hand from another MTMA member.

I'll keep you posted.

Chuck Straka

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