locked Re: MTMA password

Tod Hilty

Hi Wolf!

At 03:34 PM 10/10/00 -0400, Wolfram v.Kiparski wrote:
Hello MTMA,

I just got a new email address, and subscribed to the MTMA mailserver.
The problem I have is that I want to change my email address on my
user profile on egroups (I am subscribed to several other mailing lists
there). I can't do it because "wolf@..." is "already in use,"
and I need a password for the "wolf@..." account in order to edit
it. Seems like I have to delete my old profile, and resubscribe using
my new profile.

What is the password?
That'd be a "Mark"... <g>

Next launch is slated for October 21/22 (yep, a "two day-er"!) at the Summit
County Fairgrounds. Our Pioneer Trail field is also currently being cleared
of that noxious weed they call corn, so we seem to be in for a fine "fall of


Tod A. Hilty
Hilty Information Systems

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